On our easy-to-use application. Our app will show you all of the parking locations we work with in the area. Each location will be listed in order of proximity, and you can find helpful information in the “Details” section. Once you find a great spot, simply fill the details of your vehicle, Start time and Exit time(very important) and make sure you Confirm all of the details then  select “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT”  and then “Pay for Parking!”

Unless otherwise specified, you will not have a specific assigned spot in the location, but you will be guaranteed space to park within.

Yes it is. We partner with parking location operators and attendants to guarantee the availability of each parking space reserved on our site. Your Parkingfinder reservation still guarantees you a space. Just get the attention of an attendant for assistance!

Once you book a parking reservation through Parkingfinder Kenya App we’ll send you a confirmation email/sms with a parking QR code attached to it.

A QR code is the square barcode that is generated once you make the payement. The QR code allows you to scan in and out of locations with on-site scanners. QR codes can scan from your phone or a printed copy of your confirmation sheet. If you are using your phone, please make sure the brightness is all the way up. For best results, you should hold the QR code two inches away from the scanner.

Many of our space owners list the max dimensions allowed for their space in their listing description(make sure to read the descriptions). Others just state that their space is not suitable for larger vehicles.

Still not sure if a space is right for you? Contact the space owner before you book via the contacts provided..

Any time parked outside the period listed on your smartparkingpass may result in an additional fee. If you arrive 15 minutes early, you will be allowed in but if you stay late, we recommend booking additional time as a buffer. Any arrival after your start time is perfectly fine; your space is saved for you through the duration of your booking.

Just keep in mind that we can’t guarantee any parking before your start time. If you arrive early, you might be subject to an additional fee, or may simply just talk it out with our attendants.

Yes, we do!
Just adjust the time-frame of your search with the dates and times that fit your plans. After the adjustment, you’ll then only see parking locations that can accommodate your given overnight time-frame.
Some locations that allow overnight parking are unattended overnight, meaning your car can stay but you won’t be able to access it until the following morning.

Very easy! The vast majority of locations in our network accept a mobile pass through the generated QR code, which means you can use your phone or other smart device to show proof of your prepaid purchase once you arrive at the parking facility.

All parking passes are eligible for a no-questions-asked full refund prior to the start time on the pass.

Parking operators require it to identify the cars which have reserved a space.

As long as the parking lot’s hours of operations allow for.

Absolutely! We send you a text message 15 minutes before your parking is about to expire. If you’re running late or need more time, you can easily extend your session right from your phone.