You will receive an sms,email and an app notification with the details of the booking(car model, number plate, driver’s contact)

The parking space operator must be there to scan the driver in and out. This will prevent the drivers from failing to pay for excess time they have used.

Although this happens very rarely and is usually due to unforseen circumstances, don’t worry because the driver will need to pay for any additional time they park at your space.

Arrives early?
If the driver arrives early, you can allow them to park but at your own discretion. If they’re really early, you could ask them to make a booking for the extra hour(s) using the Park app.
Running late?
As long as they arrive within the duration of their booking, this is fine. A driver won’t be refunded for the time not used if they arrive late.


Please feel free to contact the driver to inquire whether they are still coming or not. If a driver doesn’t turn up but has given no notice of cancellation, don’t worry! We never issue a refund for drivers who don’t show up unless this is authorised by the space owner or the space wasn’t available upon their arrival.