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Some common questions for Space Owners.
How often do I get paid and how?
Once you have entered your PayPal or banking information into our system, we will deposit your funds into your account automatically on a weekly basis. Deposits occur when you have accrued Ksh 5,000 in parking charges.
How do I set availability for my spot?
As a space owner you have the ability to make your spot available whenever you want, and for how much you want to charge. Simply complete the Rates screen by day. If your spot is available overnight, complete each day separately i.e. Tuesday 8am-11:59pm, Wednesday 12:00am-11:59pm. We’ll take care of the rest.
How should I price my spot?
You’re in control of pricing so it’s your call. We do advice parking hosts to consider their spot’s location, amenities, surrounding area and proximity features when choosing a price. You can have multiple prices for different times too.
Can I change the availability of my spot?
Of course you can. It’s your spot so you set the timings.
Can I change the price of my spot?
Absolutely. You can list your spot on a monthly basis so long-term parking seekers can find you.
What happens if someone is in my parking spot that has not paid through Parkingfinder App?
Though this is very rare, feel free to talk with the driver if they are present or send us an email at with a picture of the vehicle’s license plate. We’ll get everything sorted it.
Do you store my banking information?
Absolutely not. We do not store any credit card, bank or PayPal account information. In addition, our platform uses bank-level encryption to keep every user’s account safe and secure.
Does Parkingfinder Kenya take a fee?
When you list your spot with us there is a service fee of 8%. This helps us serve you better by keeping our systems up and running.

Parking Space Owners Terms & Conditions