Rent out your parking space

Earn hundreds of thousands a year by renting out your empty parking space.



  • Directly access and manage inventory for all your locations from any web-enabled device through our easy-to-use seller console.
  • Adjust your pricing, black out dates and inventory at your discretion and in real time.
  • Offer drivers frictionless validation while maintaining seamless back-office reporting and revenue control.
  • Our dedicated seller support reps and superior customer experience team are ready to meet the needs of your business and your drivers.

How to rent out your space

Create your listing for free

It only takes a minutes to create your listing on Parkingfinder

Drivers book your space

One of our drivers will search for parking near you and book your space.

Watch your earnings roll in

Login to your e-wallet an d watch the magic as it happens



After a transaction occurs, Parkingfinder retains a fee of the price set by the parking operator in the Parkingfinder Partner app.


Parkingfinder provides reimbursement to parking sellers and commissions to distribution partners via printed check or electronic bank transfer up to 4 times per month.